Thursday, November 20, 2008

SDSM&T Network Maintenance

Most library resources can be accessed by going to SDLN's site for the library catalog or the 24/7 databases.

SDSM&T Network Maintenance
Friday November 21, 2008
6:00 PM to Midnight

ITS will be performing a variety of Network housekeeping chores as well as the following types of maintenance:
File server maintenance.
Email and antivirus maintenance.
Firmware updates and directory maintenance on the Email and file servers.
Switch and router firmware/software maintenance.
Dorm-Net and Network Security Systems maintenance.
Router and switch maintenance.

During this time period, the following networked services will not be available or will be intermittent:

Access to the campus file servers;
Access to the Internet on campus and dial-up;
Access to or from West River Higher Education Center
Access to Silver, Proxy and other UNIX servers;
Access to or from the Dorm Network;
Access to the WEB servers (;
Access to Mainframe services (Fleet Management, MSA etc);
Access to Datatel/Colleague systems (test and production);
Access to Banner Self Service and INB (test and production);

We apologize for any inconvenience this maintenance will cause. We don't predict any adverse affects, but if anything appears to change for the worse, PLEASE call the Help Desk at 1234.